Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mark Andrews Says John Carter 2 Stil Lives!

This should make the fans of the film excited. In an interview with Indiewire, John Carter co-writer Mark Andrews talks about the film's reception (and like many points the finger at Disney for not helping) and his upcoming Pixar film Brave. But it's his comments at the end that will get the most attention: he's still working on the sequel with director Andrew Stanton. Quoting Andrews:

""It's going to get its legs back and me and Andrew aren't done with that story yet and we really want to do two and three," Andrews said. "There's some great stuff for John Carter as a hero to deal with in the future." He added that they continue to work on the script for the subsequent films: "We're ready to go. As soon as somebody from Disney says, 'We want 'John Carter 2,'' we'd be right there."

While there is still no official green light at least that's good news for those wanting to see more of John Carter on the big screen. You can read the rest of the interview at

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