Friday, April 27, 2012

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #17

We conclude this week with...YES another comic book review. This time it's betrayal, scheming and a threat of civil war that defines this issue. A note: I decided to rewrite some of this review, partially because I was able to read it in more depth plus I felt a little guilty of giving it such a short shrift.

Having just returned to Helium, John Carter is accused of blasphemy by the acting regent Zat Arras. But worse is the discovery that his beloved Dejah Thoris has went missing. After agreeing to a trial, John and company plot their next move when an injured Sola returns, informing them that Dejah was taken captive by the First Born. With his son Carthoris and friends Kantos Kan and Tars Tarkas at his side John plans to enter the Valley Dor and rescue his beloved. But not if Zat Arras has anything to say about it...

With this next to last issue in their adaptation of The Gods of Mars, writer Arvid Nelson and artist Edgar Salazar do a good job translating the novel while condensing some of the action (no long year in the pits for John) and giving Zat Arras more of a back story (he's in league with the Therns, though I doubt he'll be getting a Nintendo Power Glove like Sab Than in the movie to play with). Nelson and Salazar get the action moving and sets up the story for the final battle with ease.

That said there is some little things I caught that stick out. Some might remember in the previous issue an out of place bit of comedy where Tars Tarkas acts out Thuvia's night time mutterings about wanting John Carter to do "things to her." Well some of that pops up in a panel where, while Sola recounts meeting Thuvia after her and Dejah's capture, as we see John get nervous when Sola says that Thuvia's "affection for him is pure and sincere." We also see Xodar and Kantos Kan snickering in the background. Well some comedy to lighten up the tone is always welcomed, even though some might find it out of place. Also while escaping Zat Arras actually goes "Ha, ha, ha" like an old movie villain. I think the last time I saw a villain laughing while escaping was Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But these are little issues but I thought I would give a fair warning.

Beyond that I don't have any huge complaints for this issue. Again it's a home run for fans of this series so give it a shot.

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