Sunday, April 22, 2012

Comic Review: John Carter-The Gods of Mars #2

And the comic train keeps chugging.

Here's the short version of this issue's plot: John Carter and Phaidor are captured, taken to Omean, receive their sentences. John escapes with Xodar (who in the only real big change is sentenced for bringing "the animal" as Issus refers to John instead of his embarrassment at John's hands in the book) and Carthoris. The issue ends with an explosion and a crash...

Having to review two series that are dealing with the same story can cause problems when trying to review one series objectively. Part of it may also be that I felt that Dynamite handled their adaptation of A Princess of Mars much better than Marvel did with their awful series. Here though it's something of a tie with both series having their strengths and minuses. For Marvel the strongest plus is the artwork by Ramon Perez. It does have a cartoony style to it that some might find off putting but I like it. It has a nice, vibrant clean quality to it that appeals to the eye. And for those who don't like their Martian babes starkers-or near starkers-the women are drawn at least in modest attire-or as modest as Barsoomian attire can get.

Writer Sam Humphries also does a nice job streamlining the plot of Burroughs novel and tones down the silly "braggart" part that made Marvel's Princess series a chore to get through. He does allow John to go "Yee-Haw!" again which I don't think any self respecting Southern Gentleman would do but that's a small complaint.

I don't know what else to really add. If you enjoyed the first issue of this series than this second one will be in the same league. If not it won't do anything to change your mind. Next time I'll wrap up the comic reviews with a return to the jungle. Have a good weekend!

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