Monday, November 21, 2011

Comic Review: John Carter-A Princess of Mars #3

Only two more issues left. Thank the maker for that.

As this issue opens...well here's the short short version: John Carter survived his fight with Zad, Sola reveals her parentage, the Tharks arrive in the city of Thark, which later turns into the city of Warhoon!?!? John is thrown into the pits after helping Dejah escape and meets Kantos Kan, gets into gladiatorial sports and ends by meeting Tal Hajus and his final opponent in the games...

At this point I'll just quote Herman's Hermits in my thoughts of the writing and artwork: Second verse, same as the first. So I'll just give a brief high points list of the lows that this issue sinks too:

-OK look at this cover. At one point did John Carter fight a giant squid in A Princess of Mars? Or in any of the books?

-First we're told were in the city of Thark but later after being thrown into the pits, John is told he's in the city of Warhoon? Did someone miss this in the copy editing stage or did they just start yanking out pages to condense the story?

-Tal Hajus has red hair. Since when did Lucy take over?

-John gets all huggy when the Princess forgives him his past transgressions. No icky kissing to turn off the boys.

-Dejah mentions that they could escape to Zodanga and be safe there. Yeah that's like escaping to the Death Star for protection.

-Our hero's first words of friendship towards Kantos Kan? "Put 'er there Kantos Kan." Suddenly he's Larry the Cable Guy of Mars.

Let's hope that if Marvel gets around to adapting the next Barsoom novels that it gets better than this.

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Marja said...

so, did cthulhu pay a visit to Barsoom?

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