Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Lord of the Jungle" Returns to Comics

Another bit of comic book news for the day. In this case Dynamite Comics has announced a December release for the first issue of Lord of the Jungle, a new comic book take on Tarzan The series will be written by Arvid Nelson (already a Burroughs vet with Warlord of Mars and Dejah Thoris) and the artwork is being done by Roberto Castro (Warlord of Mars-Fall of Barsoom) and will sell for a dollar starting out. With both John Carter and Tarzan on the comic book racks will Carson of Venus or Pellucidar be far behind? (Special thanks for the Blog in the Bowl for the heads up.)

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Kilian Stark said...

You're welcome!!

I'm sure Arvid Nelson is gonna do a great job on Lord of the Jungle since he's already doing great on Warlord of Mars.