Monday, September 19, 2011

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #9

Just as one adaptation begins another one concludes...

It's the big day for Sab Than and his reluctant bride. All of Zodanga has turned out but before they can exchange I do's, an uninvited John Carter objects and the Tharks turn out to be worse wedding crashers than Vince Vaughn. It's not too long before blood is spilled, swords clang and the reception is called off. Afterwards John and Dejah find happiness until the failure of the Atmosphere Plant threatens the entire planet of Barsoom and only John can save the day. But it may cost him more than he imagined...

At this point I have to admit I've almost run out of things to say about the series. Again this issue's strong point is the writing and the faithfulness that writer Arvid Nelson has shown towards the material. This issue he does make one change (BIG SPOILER: Kantos Kan Lives!) and adds to the epic air battle over Helium but these changes are welcome to help wrap up the storyline.

As for the art, I've admitted to my problems with Lui Antonio's artwork in previous reviews but now compared to the art for Marvel's John Carter-A Princess of Mars it's a step up. And with this issue's big action scenes he manages to sweep the reader along from panel to panel with ease. It's isn't the greatest John Carter comic book art (that honor goes to the original John Carter-Warlord of Mars series) but I've grown to like it over his run.

So I guess to wrap up, Dynamite has done a pretty good job adapting Edgar Rice Burroughs and I'm interested to see how they handle The Gods of Mars in the next few months after the three issue story arc that was announced at the end of this issue.

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