Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Carter: The World of Mars Sneak Peek

I'll cut to the chase: Marvel has posted artwork for the upcoming John Carter movie prequel comic book at The Tharks look cool but I still can't stand those tattoos but that's not artist Luke Ross' fault. So take a peek and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to post about your snarky comments on the trailer, spoken like a true "fan" who can't get over the fact that films are HOMAGES to the books. You want the books exactly as they are? READ THE BOOKS. You want to see them as films? Understand that things get modified to become an homage to the source material.

And please explain to me how on earth the red tattooing changes ANYTHING? Is it so tough to believe that a race on Mars might tribally tattoo themselves? Does it not make them more interesting to look at? Does it affect the story one bit? It doesn't, get over it.

The Thark in the trailer is Sola BTW.

The blue glowing thing, IF that has anything to do with the atmosphere factory I'd imagine it's for visual sake of the nine rays...and hey guess what....the blue looks like RAYS. Wow, what a stretch huh?


Fanboy/girl whining about this film is driving me nuts. I love the books, but I'm not silly enough to believe that ANY adaptation would or even SHOULD be wholly faithful directly to the source material.

Look at it this way. If this were a direct representation of the source material EXACTLY as it is...the first few fights between Carter and the Green's would last one second as he punches them down into death. Seriously, a lot of the action is two sentences long in the first book. Wow, action packed huh? Nope, it won't be like that. There will be more to it here, and thus is my point about adapting and modifying things for the big screen.

Complaining about things like the airships look (tentacle appendages) is about as ridiculous a complaint as I've ever heard from anyone. Yes ERB described them, but not in their entirety and they are open to a bit of interpretation.

It's like people who think that Dejah ought to be clad in metal nipple clamps and a teeny metal bikini. It ain't going to happen, this isn't porn.

It's actually the crazed fanboys/girls that SHOULD be championing this film for the fact that it looks to be a serious adaptation and homage to source material 100 years old screenwritten by an award winning author (Chabon) and directed by a two-time Oscar winning director.

I'm a big fan of the books, I think the adaptation looks fantastic so far, Dejah looks amazing, as do most of the effects, the Tharks ect.

Oh, and using the Peter Gabriel cover of Arcade Fire is a stroke of genius for the trailer...but if you or your readers think for one second that such a song would actually end up within the finished film, then I am afraid you don't know much at all about the film industry. Songs for trailers like this are picked for their reverence, and they are picked solely for the trailer. The score is actually being done by the award winning and amazing Michael Giacchino (LOST, STAR TREK, FRINGE).

Seriously, the sheer pedigree of all involved in this project should be enough to make everyone wet their pants with anticipation.

So do me a favour, if you consider yourself a TRUE fan of the work, then try to GET that any film SHOULD always be homage, and never identical to the source material...A film that follows too closely to source material becomes boring, and sometimes unintelligible as film. The two are WHOLLY different mediums and people need to understand that. Imagine if FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING were totally faithful to the source material as a film...there would have been more than an hour of just walking and singing.

You might notice that as homage it's called JOHN CARTER and not A PRINCESS OF MARS. Think about that for a second.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, we get it: books are not movies, movies are not books, and books are not movie scripts. We already know that, Mr. DeMille. So when adapting from one medium to the other, you change what you need to to make things work.

What you don't have to do is change things around just because you can. That's not adapting from one medium to another, that's screwing around with the source material because you think you're so much more clever than Edgar Rice Burroughs. And in that case, why not write your own story and make a movie out of that?

Which Andrew Stanton has done before, and is what he wins Oscars for. I'm starting to think he should have stuck to that.