Thursday, July 14, 2011

John Carter of Mars Trailer!!!

Yes I know I'm late but here it is, your first glimpse. Some of it looks great, some of it looks like it needs work and please dump that song. Otherwise take a view and let me know what you guys think.

UPDATE JULY 16: I decided to add a few more pics from the trailer. As for my thoughts on it there are definitely things I'm not pleased with-Dejah Thors in general (I hate those tattoos), that light up device which some has speculated is a key to open the Atmosphere Factory (either that or she's opening the Bifrost Bridge), the look of Barsoom as a dusty planet that is too close to Utah and that song but there was some good stuff as well-John Carter "sakking," the airships and the touching shot of John sketching Dejah in one of his journals. If I was pushed I would say this might be a good movie but probably not a good adaptation of A Princess of Mars. And yeah the Thark needs work!


 Damon Orrell said...

I was pleased with what I saw of the Thark (1:09), he needs some polishing, but I think he is looking good :)

Joe Jusko said...


Paul said...

The Thark looks really lame. I know this is probably blasphemous, but the Tharks in the Asylum film (starring Traci Lords) look much better!

James said...

Man, I was really hoping Lynn Collins was going to be good in the film. I knew she was older than Taylor Kitsch and in her 30s but I kept telling myself she looks young for her age..... wow was I lying to myself. In the trailer she looks like she could be my grandmother. And the red makeup looks terrible on her. It's a good thing the movie won't be called A Princess of Mars, because as far as I'm concerned the movie now rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Kitsch and potentially Mr. Dafoe and Mr. Purefoy.
One last thing - In Stanton's interview, he said he wanted to hold off on the trailer for so long because he's such a big believe in the idea that you only make a first impression once. In response to that I've got to say Stanton made a bad one.

pohjanakka said...

Any bets whether the environmental catastrophe killing the planet will turn out to be the fault of the Therns?

Well, I hope not, but from the hints so far that seems like a strong possibility.

And yes, Lynn Collins could look better. They seem to have dressed her in pretty well covering outfits too, which is a pity since she does seem to have a good figure, something more revealing and with no tats, or far less conspicuous tats, would probably work much better. And her hair looks bad. Under the circumstances the character is under anyone's hair would probably look bad, but there is such a thing as too realistic. Especially when we are talking of something which, at least in the original version, works great as an escapistic adventure story.

Well, we'll see when we'll see the finished movie.

John R. Music said...

I am hearing that the Thark seen in this trailer is female

Anonymous said...

Xeno here.

Tattoos: bad.

Sak: good.

Thark: can't tell but I think it's a female.

Lynn: hard to tell; can she play the role? I'll accept that JC thinks she's the most beautiful.

Taylor: hair too long but other than that he looks fine.

Lighty thing on floor: been compared to Disney's Atlantic, thus a bad choice. Also, what's wrong with nine thought waves?

Landscape: too American Desert, but easy to fix and time enough to do that.

Song: I could understand playing during the closing credits, but anything more than that would be a mistake.