Saturday, July 2, 2011

John Carter Movie Site Online

It's about time. Disney has finally created an official site for John Carter at So far there isn't much to see except for a cast list, a brief synopsis of the film's plot and the poster as well as a piece of music that...well leaves something to be desired. I hope it isn't used in the movie. Beyond that take a look around and have a safe weekend.

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pohjanakka said...

That music would do as background piece for some somber scene, but you're right, it's not all that impressive.

And it's a scary choice to use for this movie's site in some ways - I want a swashbuckler, or something like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', not Shakespearean drama, and that sounds more like it belongs to some version of the latter rather than an adventure movie. If some elements of the story have gotten a more serious treatment that's fine, but let's just hope we are not going to get another 'Greystoke' here.

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