Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #8

As usual no snappy opening so let's just jump in.

When we last left off, John Carter had disguised himself with red paint and had gotten himself appointed as guard to the Jeddak of Zodanga Than Kosis. But when he discovered Dejah Thoris there declaring her affections for the prince Sab Than...well let's just say hell hath no fury like a guy with a big sword. After mowing down a few guards he finds Dejah and after discovering she thought he was dead again lays his heart on the line and asks for her hand in marriage. But those darn Barsoomian customs get in the way as she has promised her hand to Sab Than and that she can not be with John if he kills him. But again not taking no for an answer John vows to smash Zodanga's assault on Helium and escapes. Eventually he finds Tars Tarkas and some Tharks under siege by the vicious Warhoons where John reveals the truth about Tars' daughter and the one who betrayed his true love, leading to a final showdown with Tal Hajus to decide the rule of the Tharks...and the fate of Dejah.

As you can tell we're heading towards the climax of the series' adaptation of A Princess of Mars and the story is picking up. The action scenes here are well drawn, showing John in action and making short work of the Zodangan guards and the fight between the Tharks and the Warhoons. And of course there is the incomparable Dejah still looking pretty attractive. There is still some things in the artwork I'm not fond of-Hajus the Hutt for example. Also the final fight between Tars and Tal Hajus gets short shrift, which I guess happens when one is drawn as a fat Thark with little mobility.

Where I do have to give this series a solid A plus rating is in the writing. If anything Arvid Nelson has at least kept the series faithful to Edgar Rice Burroughs, more so than the previous comic book versions and I'm sure probably a lot more than Marvel's upcoming series (I wonder if the horny Amazons, Wingmen and walking skeletons will be back). That faithfulness in comics is a rarity and is appreciated by this fan.

And again some cool covers by Joe Jusko (shown above), Lucio Parrillo and Stephen Sadowski helps seal the deal. At least none of them have the most beautiful woman of two worlds covered with tattoos.

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