Sunday, September 5, 2010

Killraven-The Movie? (And the Final Reviews)

Does this sound familiar-vicious Martians, a hero named John, a quest to save a world. Well we might get two. In an interview with MTV, Marvel's editor in chief Joe Quesada stated he would love to see Marvel's own Martian fighter John Killraven get his own film or even a TV series at least according to this statement: "Killraven to me, is such a great concept. You take the idea of Spartacus, except instead of it being Romans, it's Martians. You're on Mars, and it's a new race, and you're a human gladiator on Mars. That, to me, is epic. It's the coolest idea imaginable...and probably a $200 million movie." Maybe Disney-who now owns Marvel-can always put this on if John Carter of Mars fails. You can read more at

And the reviews of the final three Barsoom novels are now finished-Synthetic Men of Mars; Llana of Gathol; and John Carter of Mars I'm sure some Joog fan will hate me though.

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