Friday, September 10, 2010

An Early Tars Tarkas-Plus Upcoming Blog News

Yep its Tars going full monty! This model was apparently done for the 1980s film version of John Carter of Mars, even though a picture of it being sculpted by artist Lyle Conway (who worked on The Dark Crystal and Return to Oz among others) is captioned as coming from 1983 in this page on ERBZine (Disney acquired the rights in 1986 so somebody's dates aren't right.) It's still an interesting glimpse of what could have been. And using that as a segue way in the next few weeks I'll be posting reviews of some scripts that were written for the previous attempts at a John Carter movie. You can download them on this page (It also has for those interested John Milius' script for the unproduced King Conan: Crown of Iron. I might have to give that one a glimpse as well.)

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