'The Legend of Tarzan' Unleashes New Trailer

It's here. I'll give my thoughts later but for now take a look and leave your thoughts below.


Poh said…
I quite like it, with a few caveats. One being the lion scene. Did he have a pet lion in the movie universe before leaving for England, or is he supposed to have that ability to connect with all of the wild animals like most of the newer movie/television versions of the character have? I rather hope it's something else than some mystic connection, I really do not hope for the kid friendly incarnation friend of all animals Tarzan but something a lot closer to the original savage who'd kill, and use most of them - the main exception being his ape tribe, excepting his personal enemies in it - with no problems... :). Friend with the elephants would work for me though, he did have that in the novels too.
DuBeers said…
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DuBeers said…
Looks like fun!

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