Monday, March 14, 2016

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #2

Again I'm behind  but here's my thoughts on issue 2 of the new Dejah Thoris.

Having escaped to prove her innocence and discover the truth about her past, Dejah is now going under the name Larka and trying to blend in. But when an elderly woman approaches her with a possible answer, Dejah discovers she has to go  M'Rkassa, a warzone between the red and green men of Barsoom. With little luck hiring someone to take her there, Dejah instead joins the People's Army of Barsoom, a militia looking for new recruits and it will take her skills and wits to survive the initiation...

Following the OK first issue, this one is a rollicking good time, as long as you go with it. Frank Barbiere's script is fast-paced to the point of being a little exhausing as Dejah avoids one deadly peril after another until the last 1/3 when she is fighting not only for her life but acceptance in the army. It gives her a good showcase. The rest is sort of filler, with a brief cutaway back to Helium and John Carter that shows the political machinations and deceit at hand.

Helping immensely is the artwork by Francesco Manna, which brings the story to life with nice character designs and a steady hand in the action sequences. Some might take issue with some choices-for example the uniforms and outfits are way too similar to the dull costumes from the John Carter movie-but otherwise its got a nice vibrant look that fits the tone of the story.

Again your enjoyment will depend greatly on how much you liked issue one and the story being told. Otherwise fans of fierce female heroes will find much to like with this issue. Next time more reviews so stay tuned.

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