Comic Review: Shattered Empire #2

Sometime this weekend I'll share my thoughts on the whole Tarzan story that broke earlier this week. But for now here's a late review.

With the galaxy still recovering from the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star both the Empire and the Alliance are at a crossroads. However a surviving message from Palpatine might change everything as he orders Operation: Cinder, an order that convinces some Imperials that he is still alive. Meanwhile pilot Shara Bey is still in the fight when she receives her new assignment: fly Princess Leia to Naboo so she can start negotiations with the ruling queen and have another ally to the New Republic. Both arrive and before they get to comfortable discover what Operation Cinder is all about.

Like the first issue Greg Rucka knocks this one out of the park. From the opening with the message of the Emperor (delivered by a rather creepy messenger) to Shara dealing with separation from her husband and child (and yes spoiler fans it confirms a big connection to The Force Awakens) i is an excellent read that I don't want to spoil too much. Just pick it up.

Helping tell the tale is the art credited here to the team of Marco Checchetto, Angel Unzueta and Emilio Laiso. They capture the battle sequence near the beginning-complete with AT-ATs, A-Wings and other ships-with flair, recapturing the action from the movies while at the same time making sure the characters don't get lost in the shuffle. I can't think of any higher praise except it just made me want to turn the pages faster.

Maybe it's just wanting to see where the story goes but so far this has been the best of Marvel's new Star Wars comics to date. With issue 3 out this week and 4 next week I'll do my best to have reviews up for them soon. Until next time guys.


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