Saturday, August 8, 2015

Alexander Skarsgard: 'Tarzan' Will Reverse Expectations

With his upcoming film The Diary of a Teenage Girl now hitting, Alexander Skarsgard has been hitting the promotional trail and as expected there has been talk of Tarzan. But the big surprise might be how we'll first meet the character, Talking to the Guardian Skarsgard revealed that “When you first meet Tarzan, he’s buttoned up in a three­-piece ­suit in Victorian England. So it’s reversed – instead of it being about taming the beast, it’s about the beast within. There’s the dichotomy of functioning in a civilised society where you politely wait at the post office for your turn, but also being an animal with everything that contains. I can relate to it. I think every human being can." I don't know about you guys but so far this sounds intriguing so we'll see next year how it turns out. For more from Skarsgard check out

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