Monday, June 8, 2015

'Tarzan: Return to Pal-Ul-Don" Coming Soon!

Real soon, like this month. Publisher Altus Press has announced the upcoming Tarzan: Return to Pal-Ul-Don, written by Will Murray for release. The novel is fully authorized by ERB Inc. and based on the plot description will pick up after Tarzan and the 'Foreign Legion':

"During World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke has just completed flight training with the Royal Air Force when his superiors assign him to a secret mission: Locate the enigmatic British Military Intelligence operative codenamed Ilex, whose plane has gone down in a vast primeval wilderness that only Tarzan of the Apes dares brave. Flying Officer Clayton does not suspect that his superiors harbor an ulterior motive for assigning him this dangerous mission. Before it’s all over, the Lord of the Jungle will plunge into his wild past and confront dangers both familiar and unfamiliar in the prehistoric lost land where carnivorous triceratops and saber-tooth tigers roam."

For more on the upcoming novel check out and stay tuned.

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