Comic Review: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #7

As you can tell this issue show what happens on a romantic getaway on Barsoom. Only with with bloodthirsty creatures trying to kill you.

Following the defeat of Kahori and their forced exodus, John Carter and Dejah Thoris plan some away time to explore the ruins of Gulondra. Leaving Kantos Kan in charge and a despondent Woola, the pair head off, find the ruins and begin exploring and enjoying their time alone. But of course this is John Carter, Warlord of Mars we're talking about and before too long they have unwelcome company seeking tribute. Let's just say they find a princess who does not take to having her romantic weekend ruined lightly...

A stand-alone tale after the epic six-issue "Invaders of Mars" tale, "Excursion" is a fun tale that provides a nice breather between tales. In a recent interview Ron Marz related that he wanted to do single or two-issue tales and I for one embrace that since it can grow wearying keeping up with multi-issue tales. Here Marz does a nice balancing act of setting up a potential new storyline (Carter expressing concern about Barsoom's future) while giving us a nice short story that delivers a quick snappy read.

Handling the art duties this time is Ariel Medel, who brings a good style to the characters and creatures, as well as the action sequences later on. Some will miss Abhishek Malsuni's work-which was really growing on me-but Medel does keep balance with the series and the designs established.

A nice change after the epic stories of past Barsoomian comics, "Excursion" gets a solid rating here folks. Until next time faithful readers.


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