Monday, January 19, 2015

Comic Review: John Carter, Warlord of Mars #3

Oh rats! Or ulsios! In any case get ready for them in chapter 3 of "Invaders of Mars."

Still a prisoner, Dejah Thoris learns the truth of why her people has been betrayed by Vush Tanzar (the normal "I don't feel appreciated" reason) but he surprisingly agrees to help her escape through a series of caverns underneath Helium. While that is going on John Carter and his team are flying towards Helium when things go wrong and they lose control of their craft. With help now delayed and Dejah facing death either by ulsio or the mysterious Joshua Clark, things do look grim for our heroes.

After two strong issues, this one feels like padding. We get background info on Tanzar, some nasty rodents and a recapture so there is little weight except to setup the next issue. That's not necessarily a criticism of Ron Marz's writing but this one definitely has that middle act feel of just setting things up, not forward momentum that some readers will cry out for.

Thankfully the art by Abhishek Malsuni helps make the issue a must buy. From the rather nasty looking ulsios to a fetching Dejah,he keeps the look sharp and attractive without making overwhelm the story.

There isn't much else left to say about it. Not a bad issue but nothing truly Barsoom shattering either. Until next time folks.

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