Monday, August 11, 2014

Comic Review: Flash Gordon #4

The first story arc comes to a fiery-and backstory filled-ending!

Surviving the standard "fight to the death" games that the populace of Mongo loves, Flash and his allies escape with help from Barin. After that they gather around as Dale explains how her, Flash and Zarkov got to Mongo-a gatesone that requires two keys to open it. Naturally Ming found the ones for Mongo and began using them to conquer the universe. Deciding it's time to go after that, the group heads for the next possible ally-Vultan king of the Sky World...which will be seen in the next issue.

Most stories climax with a rousing action sequence. Here writer Jeff Parker pulls a different trick, ending the action early and then filling the reader in on how this all started. For some-myself included-it's a clever trick to help fill in the gaps and allow us to understand how this version of Flash Gordon is setup. That said, really "gatestones?" What next magic medallions that take you to Mars? (Oh wait...)

Helping is the vibrant and offbeat art by Evan Shaner that brings flair and fun to the series. Wisely Shaner doesn't even try to compete with Alex Raymond's classic series but instead brings his own style that meshes well with Parker's storytelling. It may not suit all tastes but it is a nice visual treat for the eyes.

So we're off to the land of the Hawkmen next time. If you love Flash give this series a try. I do have to ask one thing though, who is that chick Dale is fighting in the cover art below? It looks like Dynamite Dejah Thoris went to Mongo. (Yeah a crossover would be fun between both series.) Until next time, Death to Ming!!

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