Sunday, August 17, 2014

A More In-Depth ERB Comic-Con Report

Following up a previous report, Comic Book Resources now has a more in-depth report from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Comic-Con Panel online at Most of the news was confirmed in the earlier report-the upcoming Tarzan film, the 2015 Jungle Tales of Tarzan graphic novel and writer Ron Marz taking over Dyanmite's John Carter, Warlord of Mars comics-but here are some of the highlights for those who couldn't attend:

--ERB Inc. President James Sullos provided a brief synopsis for David Yates' Tarzan: "Tarzan is the lord of the jungle but now he is also lord of Parliament. He is tapped by the Queen to go to Africa -- and Samuel L. Jackson is a U.S. Marshall -- together, these guys go to Africa and solve some problems."

--A new comic strip based on The Monster Men will be joining the online comic strip section at the official ERB website.

--A possible second Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs anthology is in discussions.

--Sullos talked about John Carter and the potential for a sequel but don't hold your breath: Disney "has the sequel rights to 'John Carter of Mars,' -- if we were ever to get the rights back, we would explore every possibility trying to get the sequel made, and if we couldn't do it in the U.S., we would go off shore... We would love to have a sequel because, oddly enough, 'John Carter' has received such notoriety now, that everybody knows who John Carter is. So we think attendance figures would really skyrocket. It was really U.S. attendance that ruined the performance of that film; internationally, it was over $200,000,000 in sales. Just in the U.S., the sci-fi community kind of went negative on it early, and the blogs went negative thanks to the Super Bowl ad that wasn't well done, and changing the name from 'John Carter of Mars' to just 'John Carter,' losing the reference point. They really went negative, and you saw what happened at the box office. Next time around, it could be a blockbuster."

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