Sunday, March 30, 2014

Comic Review: Silver Surfer #1

As usual I can't think of a snappy opening. So let's just see how this new series begins.

Showing that there is no place like home, Dawn Greenwood is living her life in peaceful Anchor Bay, working at her father's bed and breakfast while her sister is out seeing the world. Meanwhile across the universe Norrin Raad, aka the Silver Surfer finds himself being summoned by the Incredulous Zed, who asks the Surfer to protect the Impericon, "the single greatest destination in the galaxy!" However there is a catch: there is a "Never Queen" after the energy source that makes the Impericon possible. And to convince the Surfer to stay and fight they will hold someone hostage as a bargaining chip. But something happens and well the quiet life of Dawn looks to be heading into the crazy life of the Surfer.

I'll admit that my knowledge of the Silver Surfer isn't up to date. I remember reading the original comics and finding them, while unique, not my cup of tea compared to most of the Marvel universe. But seeing the cover for this issue I decided to give it a try and came away enjoying this offbeat take on the character. Cross cutting between the happy in her world Dawn and the Surfer's own lonely existence in the cosmos, writer Dan Slott brings something usually not associated with the Silver Surfer-a welcome sense of humor. Slott has admitted to being influenced by Doctor Who and you can tell as the characters take themselves seriously. There is a nice wit to the story, helping to set up this take with some cool characters and a nice sense of momentum and it will be interesting to see where the Surfer and Dawn take their adventures.

Handling the art is Mike Allred and for those familiar with his work you know what to expect-a cartoony, brightly colored world. Some might be thrown by this approach but I liked the offbeat designs-especially Zed and the world of the Impericon-and the cool designs and offbeat imagination at work. It may not be Jack Kirby but Allred brings a style matching the story and that is always a plus.

I can see that some old school Silver Surfer fans may not like this more lighter approach to the character and I can respect that. With that said, I can't help but give a big thumbs up so far. If the rest of the series lives up to this fun first issue, we might have something special and a fun twist on a classic character. I'll see you guys later.

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