Friday, March 28, 2014

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #37

OK, we've hit the end of the road as the Princess of Helium faces her final issue...

Still oblivious to her niece Tala's real plans, Dejah attempts to track down her brother Kajak before he can wreck more havoc. When she tracks him down to a dead city, brother and sister have their final showdown with some surprise deceptions, betrayals and a vision from Dejah's future coming to her rescue.

Coming to a close after 37 issues, writer Robert Place Napton and artist Debora Carita send off the series with a rather intriguing issue that touches in loyalty, trust and family that I admit I was surprised by. Looking back I've been mixed on this series with its often bizarre twists and plots but this issue allows Dejah and company a nice send off.

Running twice the length of the regular issues also helps add more depth to the storytelling as we get some touching scenes between Tardors Mors and his family, some nice callbacks to previous Dynamite Warlord of Mars series and a rousing final confrontation that shows what matters to Dejah-her friends and family or her quest for vengeance. All of it handled well by Napton, who keeps the story moving.

The artwork by Carita is also the best I feel she has done on the series. From the characters to the backgrounds, the issue has a nice balance of warmth and color that helps keep the reader glued to the pages. Yes I know some wanted more clothes on Dejah and wished that there wasn't the revolving door of artists but for this one Carita hits out of the park.

Maybe I'm just sad to see this series go as I feel that we'll be soon without any more new adventures with Dejah, John Carter and company once Dynamite publishes the "100th" issue and the Dejah of Mars miniseries. So even with the occasional misstep here and there everyone involved at least should be given credit for expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs' universe and characters without completely dismissing or tossing out his legacy. Until next time Barsoom fans, Kaor!

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