Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stuart Beattie on "Tarzan"

While there hasn't been much news on David Yates's Tarzan or when the Constantin Film version will show up here, here's some clues about what might have been. In an interview to promote his upcoming film I, Frankenstein, writer Stuart Beattie talked about his script for director Stephen Sommers' previous attempt to bring the lord of the jungle to the big screen. The concept for the film based on his comment would have been...well unique:

"It was the idea that, you know Tarzan's been told so many times and you've got to do it differently, so it was more like the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' version of Tarzan where it was a witch doctor in the jungle and he was raising animals back from the dead, so there was this great elephant graveyard scene where the elephants come back and they're half decomposed. It's unnatural in the jungle and so Tarzan had to set nature back to being nature."

For more on this and other projects hit and watch the video posted.


pascalahad said...

Just as you posted this, some news!
But it seems it IS the Stuart Beattie/Sommers script!

MCR said...

I've heard that. I don't know who will end up with final script credit or what script Yates and Warner Bros are using. I guess we'll have to wait and see.