Saturday, January 11, 2014

Comic Review: Lords of Mars #6

Let's just get to it, shall we? Also Spoilers Alert!

Surviving their "duel" in the Thern arena, John Carter and Tarzan find refuge with some friendly Tharks, who also managed to rescue Jane. Learning about the Therns' powerful "mass repulsor" weapon, Carter and Tarzan team up to stop the Therns and destroy it. Unknown to them the Therns' leader Jagati Khen has another scheme, one involving a massive army of repulsors and bring down a massive comet referred to as the "Eye of the Goddess" to end life in Helium and most of the Western hemisphere of Barsoom, leaving our heroes racing against time.

While the setup was a little too slow, I got to give everyone involved credit: They know how to craft a fast-paced rousing finale. While it may seem a little too self-contained (the whole comet plot only comes up now instead of being spread out a little more) Arvid Nelson still manages to craft a pretty cool tale. The addition of the Tharks, the cool use of Jane's new found marksmanship and some rather grisly action help move it along. The only thing that might annoy some is that, like the previous Warriors of Mars mini-series, it leaves an opening for another tale. I wonder if we'll get to see it.

The artwork is the usual good stuff from Roberto Castro, even though some panels seem a little dashed off to me. Maybe it's just me or compared to the rest of the issue but otherwise a solid A rating there.

I'll close by saying if you enjoyed the rest of Lords of Mars then this issue will satisfy and entertain you with its action and color. That's all Folks!

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