Sunday, January 26, 2014

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #34

Sorry for the lack of any new updates. Been under the weather but now I'm back with another new adventure for our princess.

Heading further down the Toonalian Marshes, Dejah and fellow Heliumite Landis find themselves facing all sorts of threats and obstacles, from giant siths carrying off their driver to an abandoned fortress that must be scaled. Once inside they find it deserted except for one person-Tala, the daughter of Dejah's vengeance-seeking brother Kajak. With their lives in danger from giant lizards, Dejah and company fight to survive with her brother watching and waiting...

Pretty much a middle issue setup here folks, with our heroine running from monsters, finding a new person to protect and a secret plan about to be revealed. Thankfully writer Robert Napton keeps the story moving, with enough action and even some quieter moments to make it a quick and compelling read.

I also have to give props to Debora Carita's artwork in this issue. From the character and monster designs to the big action set pieces, Carita's work has improved from issue and brings  a nice vibrancy to the series.

I know this is really short but it's a good issue for fans to enjoy and nothing else. Just have fun with it. Until next time you happy, happy people.

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