Saturday, September 14, 2013

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris and the Green Men #6

As we continue Dejah's quest for revenge, more intrigue threatens the fragile peace between Helium and the Tharks.

Following the arrest of Tars Tarkas, Dejah orders him released but the discovery of several killed Tharks leads to tensions and frayed trust. Meanwhile the flesh eating Voro how's revenge against Dejah as well a plan to end Tars' rule as Jeddak. With suspicious advisor Rek coming close to discovering the truth Dejah finds herself in more danger than before.

Truthfully not much happens in this issue as writer Mark Rahner builds up the tension between Dejah and Rek as well as the growing distrust between the Red Men and the Tharks. Not to say this issue doesn't have its problems. A brief sequence brings back the grisly "torture porn" aspect while John Carter is being reduced to a nothing part and make me wish he was more involved in the story. 

Lui Antonio's artwork does a good job capturing the tone with subdued color schemes and some nice character design. I do have to ask though-was it me or did Dejah's anatomy seem to get bigger with each panel?

I'll give this one a fair pass. Not as grisly as before but I still have to wonder if stretching this out to 12 issues was a good idea. Until next time Kaor!

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Diana Cole said...

You're right---her top keeps getting bigger and her "skirt" keeps getting tinier.