Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tarzan 3D English Trailer

After a slew of German trailers, here's a new trailer in English courtesy of Tarzan author Andy Briggs. The trailer screened at last week's Edgar Rice Burroughs panel at Comic-Con and Mr. Briggs has posted it online A little more plot is revealed so take a peek and leave your comments below.


pascalahad said...

The sci-fi angle is surprising, but it doesn't seem to be overwhelming. It would have been easy to attribute an increase in the apes' intelligence due to the meteorite, and it doesn't seem to be the case. At least they doesn't seem to talk at this point. We still don't have a clue about why Tarzan would have to fight a fellow ape. Perhaps to protect Jane, perhaps to impose his leadership on the tribe to make them fight the bad guys... Why not.

Anonymous said...

My friends tell me that the Tarzan character and story is ruined when Tarzan is forced to save the world. They tell me that this has turned into an anti-corporation movie - which is one of the easiest plots to have in a movie. I can see why they would say this. (blue people) Avatar was like that too though, wasn't it?

Do you know Michael May's Adventure Blog? I recently read one of his posts on the movie Tarzan's and how they became a lot more popular than the original novels. It is really interesting how much the character has changed - from a cool, intelligent jungle survivalist (and ONCE IN A WHILE protector) to a monosyllabic wrestler-looking guy to an all-out nature conservationist who has to fight more and more poachers and the like.

There wasn't even any nature protecting in the first book! Or the second book. It was pretty much all about Tarzan finding his true love. I guess the second transformation into the wild, ideal nature protector would be a nice update for people considering how much emphasis there is now on saving energy and recycling and such...but (even if these people don't mess up his character) those who don't know Tarzan very well and go to see this movie still aren't going to get an accurate exhibition of our favorite jungle man.

On a different note, I hope they release an "Art of" book - I am kind of an artsy person, and I was really excited to see all that concept art in the behind the scenes video. :)