Saturday, July 13, 2013

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #27

It's Helium vs the Cyber...uh Machine Men! Where's a sonic screwdriver when you need one?

Following the death of Yorn princess Tash Lia, peace talks between Helium and Yorn reach a conclusion with Yorn going peacefully with Helium. Wracked with guilt over Tash's death, Dejah tries to go on with her duties but one the day of celebration an old foe reemerges: Mortus AKA the Jeddak of Yorn with his Machine Men army. Will Helium finally fall?

Yep Machine Men return for this story arc. Honestly I haven't been that enamored of the idea since the concept-former humans turned into machines-is pretty repetitive of previous science fiction ideas, in this case they almost resemble the Cybermen from Doctor Who. Also this issue focuses on Dejah's guilt over the past but how much more guilt does she need? Beyond that Robert Napton does a good job moving the story through, it just has some bumps.

Handling art duties is Debora Carita and if you enjoyed her work from before then you'll enjoy it here. I've ran out of new ways to say how nice it looks so I'll just give it a thumbs up.

I can't say I'm thrilled with the Machine Men but maybe they'll grow on me. Until next time faithful readers...

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