Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #26

With the original trilogy adapted we move on to a brand new story. So get ready for "Savages of Mars!" (And no the story does not concern Taylor Kitsch battling drug cartels on Barsoom despite the title.)

Taking his position as Warlord, John Carter attempts to form the League of Barsoom to bring peace to the planet. But old hatreds are tearing it apart, especially accusations against the Green Men. Things take a change though when a young Okarian woman appears claiming that the Tharks are not behind the attacks Carter promises to protect her. But when she's found murdered Carter must find the truth which leads him into Okar and possibly the truth.

Picking up this issue I admit to wondering where Arvid Nelson was going to take the story and so far it's an interesting start. Working in Carter's attempts at building peace with old enemies like the Therns and the prejudices of other races brings a nice and current edge to the story. Most of this issue is setup with little action but otherwise it's a good opening and got me intrigued to see where it goes.

The art for this issue is being done by Everton Sousa and he does a good job capturing the characters and bringing some nice designs choices to the series. John Carter doesn't look like Tarzan as he did in the last few issues and the Tharks have a cool edge to them. The colors pop but don't overwhelm so while it has the usual background problems readers will still have a nice time.

While I would love to see the other novels adapted this issue is a swift and fun read that if it continues in this vein will give Warlord of Mars a needed jolt. Just get Carter back into sword wielding action in the next issue OK? 

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