Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comic Review: Star Wars #2

This week’s other comic review has that other princess facing some tough decisions. That and some action and intrigue on top of it.

Here the issue is divided into three parts. The first finds everyone’s favorite scruffy looking Nerf Herder and his walking carpet sidekick on a secret mission when they run into that famous bounty hunter…you know the one. Meanwhile Princess Leia, still grieving over the loss of Alderaan, begins assembling a team to investigate how the Empire keeps showing up during scouting missions to find a new Rebel Base. The third part introduces the Colonel Bircher, an Imperial officer who has taken control of the Star Destroyer Devastator from the departing Darth Vader. Eventually Leia gets her team together and Han and Chewie manage to evade Fett and reach their destination-in the heart of the capital of the Empire!

Following up a strong first issue, writer Brian Wood continues to show he knows his way around George Lucas’ galaxy. Combining the same breakneck pace of the first trilogy along with some quieter moments, Wood manages to give the story a fresh approach while remaining faithful to the characters. Plus we get Slave 1 and more Han and Chewie so I’m pleased.

Also deserving high praise is artist Carlos D’Anda, who brings the look and feel of the movies to the comics with a deft hand. He manages to make his characters come alive and capture the action sequences with thrilling colors by Gabe Eltaeb and some cool angles. From the Millennium Falcon’s escape at the beginning to the simulator battle Luke and Wedge have the artwork just crackles.

If you haven’t picked up this issue or started yet I recommend that you do. It brings Star Wars back with the same fun and excitement that the original trilogy-and hopefully Episode VII will-have. In other words, the Force is strong here.

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