Friday, January 20, 2012

John Carter News Bits 3: Taylor Kitsch Talks

Sorry for the lack of updates this past week but here's some news for to start off the weekend.

First up those lucky Brits once again got to see some exclusive footage from John Carter at an event with a follow-up Q&A with star Taylor Kitsch, visual effects supervisor Sue Rowe and animation supervisor Eamon Butler. Some video clips from it have been posted at along with some positive reviews of the footage shown. The article also reveals that the film's official running time has been announced by director Andrew Stanton at 2 hours and 3 minutes.

Next up, and please don't shoot the messenger here, Stanton has also hit Twitter to comment on a recent Hollywood Reporter article that has been posted. Among the article's claims (all without anyone on the record officially) is that the film's budget has ballooned to $300 million, that a rough cut of the film screened for Disney execs was poorly received, that talks about the sequel were put on hold and that Stanton had no support on the film. Stanton's reaction: "Was a DISNEY film that I completed on time, on budget w/ full support." He also refuted the recent claims about the film needing to make $700 million to get the sequel greenlight: "Is it true that JC needs $700 mil+ at the BO to get a sequel?” Nope. U'll get farther in life not believing everything u read." You can see the rest at

Finally another inteview courtesy of Adventures by Daddy, this time with actor Dominic West where he talks about his playing Sab Than and working on the movie. Take a look and have a good day!

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Anonymous said...

He looks too boyish for this role. He might be the proper age, but he looks better suited to be on the cast of the revival of 21 Jump Street than a former Confederate Captain.

I really hate to focus on that, but it just pulls me out of the story to see a guy who barely looks old enough to drink legally in this role.

As bad as the Traci Lords version of this was, at least the lead actor looked the part, even if he couldn't act it. LOL