Monday, January 23, 2012

Comic Review: Flash Gordon-Zeitgeist #2

I'll try to spend the next few days catching up on reviews of some recent comics. And with that said, let's kick off with a dashing heroic hero, a hot alien babe, gladiatorial combat and evil not John Carter, the other guy!

Issue 2, "All Hail Ming!" opens with the (spoiler alert!) with Ming and his henchman Klytus voicing their displeasure to their choice for ruler of Earth, Adolf Hitler, and the slow progress he is making in conquering the planet. But Ming has other concerns-the arrival of Flash Gordon and Dale Arden. With Dale taken to Ming's chambers, Flash is dispatched the arena, where he begins fighting for his life and winning the respect of his fellow prisoners. But when a double cross deal with Klytus goes awry, Flash finds his only hope in Ming's hot daughter, Princess Aura. And that isn't much comfort...

I recently talked with a friend of mine who didn't like the first issue of this series. And I could understand why it might not appeal to fans but so far I actually am enjoying it. I do admit the combination of the Flash Gordon story with Hitler might seem an odd fit but in this age of rewriting history for entertainment (see Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter or even the recent X-Men: First Class movie) at least the idea isn't out of left field and writer Eric Trautmann is doing a good job balancing the original Alex Raymond storyline with the new one.

The artwork by Daniel Indro is also quite good. Granted I would love to see more of Mongo-but I figure that's being saved for the next few issues, but so far his work matches well with Trautmann's narrative. He also draws a sexy Aura, which again always raises the one problem I have had with Flash-is he really that blind to be able to avoid her charms? Oh well...

To wrap up if you liked the first issue, this one is just as much fun and a good take on the character. If not I doubt it will change your mind. Hail Ming!

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