Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tars Tarkas "In Stock" and John Carter News

Some brief news bits for your morning. First up Triad Toys' web site is now listing their Tars Tarkas figure in stock A friend who purchased it also told me that he received confirmation that it has shipped so those who pre-ordered watch your mailboxes.

Next up the Hufffington Post has a really good article looking at Edgar Rice Burroughs and his influence on current pop culture Definitely worth a read for fans.

Finally a possible web site has popped up. On a previous post I mentioned that Disney had trademarked certain website addresses. I had just tried which before usually came up with an error page not found message. Today though I was redirected to The site currently says "Page Not Found" but the fact that the former address led to that one possibly mean that the trailer and something else could be popping up soon.

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Tales from TV said...

Okay... why does the Deja Thoris action figure look cross-eyed?