Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #4

If there was one thing missing from this week's teaser poster and concept art release it was any sight of the incomprable Princess. So here you go!

As this issue opens the Jeddaks of Helium, Ptarth and Zodanga are holding a secret meeting on how to deal with the Jeddak of Yorn and his fusion with the monsterous Colossus. But personal squabling and an attack by the creature sends everyone into hiding in the "howling mesas where the driving winds will deter Yorn's air scouts." However when ambushing a group of ground riders, Dejah and her men find Prince Vallin, whose scientific genius produces a device to sever Yorn's connection with the Colossus. Dejah volunteers and before too long is outfitted with another Vallin creation-a pair of golden wings since...well a one man fighter should be able to penetrate the outer defense and install the device. But when Vallin lays his heart on his sleeve to Dejah the two discover how much hurt this conflict has caused.

With one more issue to go until the final issue in this storyline, this issue takes a suprising slow approach to setting up the final battle and actually benefits from it. The opening sequence-where the Jeddaks argue with each other-does a pretty good job of capturing the petty rivalries and squabbles of the various red men of Barsoom present in the novels. We also get a cool cameo appearance (I won't spoil it here) and some nifty action scenes. The last scene between Dejah and Vallin also brings an emotional core to their relationship.

Carlos Rafael's artwork is once again top notch so no complaints there as are the cover art by Paul Renaud and Joe Jusko. I just hope all three stick with the series when the next story arc begins. So in closing this might be the best issue so far of this series and a good setup for the climax next month.

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