Sunday, February 27, 2011

John Carter Figure and Comic News

As you can tell it's been a pretty quiet month here. I guess chalk it up to lack of news, being busy and having to tighten up financially. But here's two little news bits for you Barsoom fans.

First up Triad Toys has set tentative release dates for their pricey John Carter of Mars action figures according to a recent newsletter For those who pre-ordered it looks like Tars Tarkas is set to ship in March while John Carter and Dejah Thoris will ship in April. I wonder if they'll have any income tax rebate sales?

Also this week saw the release from Dark Horse Comics of their massive John Carter of Mars: Warlord of Mars paperback collecting the entire Marvel run. I probably won't be reviewing it here since I've already reviewed most of the series and I'm still annoyed by the choice to go black and white instead of the original color. But I did find this review on the site Shelfari that talks about it. It also appears Dark Horse has added a new introduction by author Michael Chabon-who worked on the script for the upcoming movie-and based on the reviewer's opinion the book is worth it for those who don't own the original series even with the lack of color. There is also a review of Dark Horse's The Saga of Solomon Kane paperback for those interested. Hope to have more news and reviews next month until then have a good day!

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