Saturday, February 12, 2011

Comic Review: Warlord of Mars #4

Let's just say that cover is not safe for work.

When we last left John Carter he had some damn dirty four armed apes attempting to kill him. But he manages to survive thanks to loyal Woola. He has also mastered the language of Barsoom and is beginning to adapt to his new environment when the Tharks attack a fleet of air ships. There is one survivor though-Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Helium who pleas for peace with the Green Men seem to fall on deaf ears. But she finds a friend and protector in the gentleman from Virginia.

As you can tell not much happens story wise in this issue. It's pretty much the "boy meets girl" section, even if the girl is a hot red woman not wearing much. Beyond that though the issue is a quick fast read, even though again for those familiar with A Princess of Mars you know the story.

Of course the big addition here is Dejah herself and I'm sure some are asking "how doe she look?" Well let's say this-stunning. This issue the artwork is by Lui Antonio and he draws one of the most beautiful Dejahs I've seen-both in the body and the face. I will admit this though-having seen much debate and some less than thrilled reaction to the cover art for the series and varying artists' portrayal of Dejah I'm sure some will be less than thrilled with her even less than skimpy attire in the issue. The only thing I can say is well Burroughs himself described her as "destitute of for highly wrought ornaments she was entirely naked..." Probably not a defense for some but there it is.

Still a strong issue for fans and those who've enjoyed the series so far.

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