Monday, February 7, 2011

The Greystoke Legacy Plot Revealed

A little early morning news. Having mentioned it once before- has posted up the cover artwork and a synopsis for the upcoming Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy . The synopsis makes it clear this book is aimed at a new and much younger audience than before: "Set in modern Africa, Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy follows a re-imagined Tarzan who is edgier, untamed and feral while remaining the iconic hero, raised by apes and protector of the wild. Among the 21st-century difficulties the new Tarzan will face: warring guerrillas, poaching of endangered animals, illegal logging and the decline of the environment. The story's original characters will appear in slightly different form: Jane is a 14-year-old girl accustomed to technology, Robert Canler is a runaway with a mysterious past, and cannibal tribes are replaced by rebel guerrillas. " The book is also up for pre-order on the British Amazon site with a release date in England of June 2, 2011 but so far no American date has been announced.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounds like crap.
Leave it alone. Tarzan has survived for almost 100 years as the icon Burroughs created. He has always captured the imagination of ever generation.
So, why? Why, ruin a classic character in a crappy "re-imagining" (I hate this word). Have we not learned anything from the crap-tastic "re-imaginings" of Flash Gordon and more recently, the Phantom.
This will not add to the character, it will ruin it.
ERB, Inc. What are you thinking?

Mike Smith said...

I couldn't agree with the Kidd more. I was never a big Tarzan fan, much preferring John Carter, but Tarzan is an icon. Don't mess with an icon. Tarzan is what he is, love him or leave him alone.

Sailor Barsoom said...

Considering how much Tarzan has been messed with over the years, I'm not sure this matters. At least it's being presented as a "reimagining" (yeah, the word makes me nervous).

The original books are always there, and they will be there when this reimagining is forgotten, and the one after that. The only non-ERBal version which persists is Johnny Weismuller.

A fourteen year old Jane? Please, let's not have some smirky TV guy saying, "Mr. Clayton, why don't you take a seat over here."