Friday, October 29, 2010

Tron: Legacy Clip-(Or Hot Babe in Tight Leotard!)

First up, have a happy and safe Halloween for all of you out there. Enjoy some tricks, treats and some scares. Now on to this-one movie I'm sure most of you may notice I haven't mentioned much, if at all, has been Tron: Legacy. I was never a fan of the first one and I haven't seen much of this one to make me think it will be any better-except for actress Olivia Wilde in her tight outfit (what can I say, she's hot!). And in this clip, which was shown during a recent "Tron Night" where viewers at IMAX theaters saw 20 minutes of footage we can see more of her as she meets the film's hero. Maybe it will be better. If not well there is always Ms. Wilde.

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