Saturday, October 16, 2010

John Carter: The Sunday Comics

A little FYI for those out there. Dynamite's Warlord of Mars comic has now hit stores and I was hoping to have it and post my thoughts of it. But a snafu (and how many people use that word now?) at the store where I reserved a copy means I'll have to wait and get it (apparently most of the covers were scratched up so they had to special order more) next week.

But I thought this might interest some of you. First up is a brief history of John Carter's comic adventures at, with a complete listing of his appearances in a book called The Funnies and the Sunday comic strips. Those strips were drawn by Edgar Rice Burroughs' son John (who had worked on the unmade animated John Carter of Mars movie with Bob Clampett) and a website devoted to John's work has posted the entire run of the strip starting here There is also some notes comparing it to the earlier Funnies run and the novels and more. I wonder if anyone will collect these in a collection, maybe after Dark Horse releases the Marvel Warlord of Mars book?

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