Thursday, December 17, 2009

More News-Clash of the Titans, Avatar, X-men and John Carter of Eternia!

Yep more news.

First up is the new full trailer for Clash of the Titans-http:// more footage, including the dreaded Kraken. Looks cool even though I'm sure the Harryhausen faithful are foaming at the mouth.

Next up on the Hollywood Reporter's Heatvision Blog comes another endorsement of Avatar-this time from Steven Spielberg who called it "the most evocative science fiction film since Star Wars." Again sounds good.

Heavision is also reporting (as was rumored months ago) Bryan Singer is returning to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters as he is set to direct X-Men:First Class, the prequel set during the early years of classic characters like Jean Grey, Beast and Cyclops. With Singer returning, let's hope this washes away the bad taste of Wolverine and X3.

Finally Collider has a more extensive interview with Mark Strong- in which he talks about the plethora of projects he has coming up (including Robin Hood and the comic book flick Kick-Ass.) His comments on John Carter of Mars is pretty lengthy and notably doesn't play up as much the "shape shifter" comment he made earlier but does confirm what many have suspected-Matai Shang has been rewritten into an all-purpose bad guy that our hero must defeat through the trilogy Andrew Stanton has planned. In fact Strong even refers to him as a "master of the universe." I wonder if Stanton hasn't set it on Eternia with Castle Greyskull and Orko. Strong's recent comments have sent out the most heated debates for the film ever since Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins were cast and I don't think it will be as smoothed over for a long time.

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