Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Again!!-Another Star Wars rumor (plus JCOM news)

Some might remember a few months back a rumor spread that Lucasfilm was producing a new Star Wars trilogy in 3D. That was quickly denied by the powers that be. Well now Aint It Cool News is once again reporting a new movie is being made. Their source-Thomas Dolby! Yes the She Blinded Me With Science guy. You can go here and see what he says- I wonder how quickly that one will be denied.

In other news a new casting sheet is now up at for John Carter of Mars. This one though sounds a little off-their listing roles not even in the novel-from a shopkeeper to a Mexican stable boy to "twitchy corporal." Also the plot description is that John Carter is "damaged." Does every hero have to be a emotional wreck in modern movies?

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