Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer and some Mars News

Well first the good news, the trailer for Iron Man 2 has hit Apple- Again this looks like a winner. I thought the first one was the best superhero comic book flick I've seen in a long time (even better than The Dark Knight) and this sequel looks amazing. Hope Jon Favreau carries on the good vibe.

The next news borders on the ludricous but sadly not surpising. Cinema Blend talked to actor Mark Strong (currently doing press for Sherlock Holmes) about his upcoming role in John Carter of Mars and revealed this nugget of info-Matai Shang can apparently "shift his shape" and Strong revealed he will be shifting into "human beings manly" and will be shot with a 36o degree camera-the type used for CGI work. It's bad enough that Andrew Stanton (who Strong called a genuis-makes me wonder what the qualifications are now for that) is bringing Shang into the story and adding characters not in the novel but this. Let's just hope this is a blunder on Strong's part or a bad joke.

Finally for those in the San Diego area who can't get tickets for Avatar, you can still go to another planet-Barsoom! Or Asylum's version of it anyway. The Mars Society of San Diego is having a showing of Princess of Mars with director Mark Atkins and the film's production desginer this Friday (Decemeber 18th) two weeks before the DVD release. For more info go here-

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