Sunday, September 27, 2009

To comment or not....

As I reported earlier, MTV talked to Lynn Collins about John Carter of Mars, helping to ease up the concern over the film possibly being cancelled. But her comments now seem to have shaken up more concerns over what's going on with the film. Among her comments I posted earlier was her character getting "a great tan" and her having seen early versions of action scenes her character is to be involved in. Her other comments have also including describing Dejah Thoris as a "priestess of science and letters" and that the film is "completely satirical and politically on point."

Okay I don't know what to make of some of these comments. But some have already complained, especially about her comments of being involved in the action scenes-leading to concerns that Dejah is being revamped into a Xena or Ripley like character. In some cases the reaction reminds me of the outcry fans had over the first Lord of the Rings film over the character of Arwen and the changes made by Peter Jackson and the casting of Liv Tyler, which even mirrors the underwhelming support Ms. Collins has received from some. Some also complained about the tan remark-they want red or at least copper not a day at the beach.

My own concerns are over the last two statements. First while it is true the character had some scientific education, at no point is Dejah Thoris ever referred to as a priestess of anything. It almost sounds like Collins is attempting to make her role sound more important, possibly to deflect some of the criticism the character has always received. The other comment about the film being political and satirical though is the biggie for me. While there is humor in A Princess of Mars, it is by no means a satire. This isn't Dr. Strangelove. It makes me wonder if Andrew Stanton is attempting to add meaning that isn't there to make the film have more appeal with critics or if Collins is reading something there that isn't. While it is at least nice to have someone finally talk about the movie (Stanton seems to speak only in Twitterese while the rest of the cast have been mum over the film) this is a case where it might have been best if Ms. Collins had thought out her responses more clearly. Because if her comments are right there might be some who feel the movie has already lost course.

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