Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do we need anymore X-Men movies?

I ask because I just read a piece on about the upcoming X-Men:First Class film now being set for production in 2010. This is on top of Hugh Jackman's recent comments about a second Wolverine film and a spin off film for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool character. (Reynolds will be pulling double superhero duty as he will also be starring in the upcoming Green Lantern.)

Now I admit I haven't kept up with the X-Men comics for a while and I'm sure many only have been introduced to them through the movies. But honestly do we really need 3 more movies in a franchise that has almost ran itself into the ground. The first two films to me are perfect examples of what could be done with comic book material, clearly paving the way for films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Yet the third film, X-Men The Last Stand was an empty and noisy mess while the recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine was the Batman and Robin of the franchise, throwing in pointless characters and bad screenwriting and then trying to cover it up with over the top action scenes. (And before it comes out, yes I admit my initial reluctance over the casting of Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins for John Carter of Mars came from this film. Kitsch is wasted in his part as Gambit while Collins is empty and fails to even have chemistry with Jackman.) The fact that Fox and Marvel are planning 3 films seems to indicate nothing more than seeing how much more money they can bilk from fans before they finally grow some sense and realize how bad this franchise has become.

Hopefully they will learn the mistakes from the previous Batman and Superman franchises and end now. But I doubt it.

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