Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Comic Review: Wonder Woman #51

It's too the Tartarus Pit for this review as Diana faces her past, her present and her possible future.

Entering in the pit (a sort of Dante's Inferno type place) Wonder Woman finds herself facing her fears-loss, doubt and even rejection of motherhood-while trying to survive. Ultimately it leads her to accept what she's done and a potential heartbreak as a result of her actions.

If all of this sounds vague, well it is. Unless you have been following the series up this point a lot of this will go over your head as it did mine. That said writer Meredith Finch weaves an interesting internal look at the mighty Amazon and her motivations to save those she love while trying to avoid the perils that come with those decisions.

Helping is some dynamite artwork by Miguel Mendonca that captures the characters and environment well. Wonder Woman herself looks strong yet feminine while the Tartarus Pit looks like Hell itself, along with flames, demons and the things that come out to play. There is some that looks off (a quick appearance by Superman if only because he appears almost too boyish) but otherwise this is visually strong issue.

I'll admit that I haven't read Wonder Woman for a while and even though DC's upcoming "Rebirth" event is supposed to start this all over again I might just stick around to see how this series ends. Until next time faithful readers, be safe.

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