Saturday, April 23, 2016

Comic Review: Dejah Thoris #3

Hey a comic book review! This time Dejah leads her team into danger when Warhoons attack! Plus more court intrigue, scheming and John Carter standing around!

After proving her mettle in the last issue Dejah, under her alias Larka, is given her own team, "the Elite Squadron of the People's Army" of Barsoom, They include your standard types-the loud mouth blowhard, the quiet one and a Thark named Tulon who is an expert with a rifle. Heading into the hills of M'Rkassa to discover her true heritage, Dejah and company soon find an abandoned Warhoon camp, one survivior and a trap. Meanwhile in Helium Valoris continues his search for Dejah and his scheme for the throne while John Carter is basically under house arrest (really?) Before too long he also plans to leave while Dejah discovers that the one survivor of the Warhoon massacre maybe isn't what she appears to be either (really?).

I know that sounds snarky but so far I haven't been that blown away with this series. Part of it maybe the worn out cliches trotted out-evil schemers plan to ursurp throne, heroine in quest of true identity, the oddball team that here basically resembles The A-Team (with Tulon as BA and Dejah as Hannibal). Even the last cliffhanger "reveal" seems thin. I know this is all trying to setup drama but it just isn't clicking here. Also the bizarre use of John Carter in this story. He's the Warlord of Barsoom yet he's under house arrest and allowing Valoris to do whatever he wants? Did Carter suddenly lose his mojo here?

On the plus side the art work by Francesco Manna keeps things moving, capturing the characters and the action sequences fine. If nothing else the art draws you in, even if there is some things I question (like making Tulon resemble one of the movie Tharks and Dejah's war gear. Seriously she looks like she shopped at Asgardians R Us).

Hopefully things will turn around next issue. Next time another female hero on a quest. Until then, KAOR!

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