Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Comic Review: Shattered Empire #4

With only a month to go here's the final issue leading up to The Force Awakens.

Three months have passed since the Battle of Endor and what was supposed to be a new beginning for the galaxy has become bogged down in continuing hostilities with the remnants of the Empire. Longing for home and her family, Lt. Shara Bey takes one final mission-escort Luke Skywalker to the Imperial Base on Vetine to recover an artifact the Emperor took long ago. The question is will either of them survive?

Let's cut to the chase-this is an excellent issue and wrap-up to this series. Focusing on the internal struggle that Shara faces of either going home or staying with the Rebel Alliance. Greg Rucka raises the feelings most people have faced of either staying or leaving, letting go as Obi-Wan once advised Luke. He also sets up some potential future plot twists, makes some clever references to other new "canon" tales (especially his own Han Solo novel Smuggler's Run) and delivers a rousing finale. It also presents us with an insight into Luke that we haven't seen yet, one that could play out in a month.

Helping out is Marco Checchetto's masterful artwork that brings to life the characters and action. Looking at the art you are in the universe of Star Wars, and it's enthralling to look at. In fact you could take away the words and still follow the story.

There you go folks. If you haven't picked up this series or you were waiting for the trade collection than I urge you to pick it up. Not just to get clues to new movie for a rousing, emotional story that brings the best of Star Wars to life. A final rating for the entire series: **** out of 4. Until next time folks.

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