Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comic Review: Lords of Mars #3

OK let's kick off this week's Barsoom comics as Jane begins to question life on Mars.

As Tarzan becomes comfortable on Barsoom, Jane starts to question their hosts, the Therns, and what they have planned. Reminding Tarzan of being forced into the cave in England that led to being transported to Barsoom, Tarzan goes off to blow off steam on a banth and decides to help the Therns in their quest to take down the false "god" John Carter. Meanwhile when his representative fails to communicate, Carter takes the Helium fleet to the Valley Dor to get to the bottom of the situation,  unknowingly heading towards a confrontation he isn't ready for.

Like the first two issues, this one is more setup than action, with Arvid Nelson establishing Tarzan and Jane's disagreement over the Therns, Tarzan admitting he feels at home and Jane showing off her  own skills. While some would probably like the story to get moving, the setup is paying off, leading to the big fight next issue (I hope).

As usual the artwork by Roberto Castro is quite good, especially the fight sequence between Tarzan and the banth. The character designs are nice and the art helps the story flow well with its vibrant color and design. So the usual thumbs up there.

I know this one is a short review but if you enjoyed the last two issues then you will enjoy this one as well. While I would like the story to get started, the setup is excellent and the build-up succeeds in getting the suspense going. I just hope the big meeting will pay off. So Tarzan and Barsoom fans pick it up and have fun. (Also is it just me or does Alex Ross' cover Dejah look like Sofia Vergara from Modern Family? Still a hot princess either way.)

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