Sunday, August 11, 2013

John Carter of Mars Decoded

For conspiracy buffs and those who love to find hidden meanings here you go: a video that reveals the secret and probably not so secrets lurking in John Carter. See if you agree and spot the surprise guest stars.


Diana L. Cole said...

This is interesting, especially that they identify Egyptian sources. I am always interested in what may have inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series. Also very interested in what led to changes in the movie, since it was so different. Have you read this article which talks about ERB, Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky, Egypt, Mars and sources for the movie. It is rather long, but I think it is food for thought.

"The Curious Case of John Carter: Secrets and Synchronicities"

MCR said...

Thanks for the link. I haven't read this but I did hear about the Blavatsky link a few years ago in an article in Starlog magazine by L Sprague DeCamp on the Barsoom series so I'll read this and see what they say.

Again a big thanks.

Anonymous said...

Back in college (1976) I did a John Carter/Jesus Christ paper for Lit, so the messiah parallel isn't new at all. The Egyptian motifs are new, however, but I sincerely doubt ERB in 1911 was making conscious parallels to Egyptian mythology. If anything, he used his background in the American West and made our savage Apache red men into noble Barsoomian red men...and our hero brought peace between the tribes. This is the stuff scholarship is made on: how we can interpret the primary material in a new and different way. Soon, someone will apply Marxian and Freudian precepts to ERB...if they haven't already. (And if they have, I don't want to know about it.) ERB was a storyteller. He was best when he wrote from his unconscious mind, and worst when he thought he was writing literature. But scholars will decode whatever they think needs decoding, and however it suits their thesis. And that's the way it should be. But it doesn't mean their interpretation is the correct interpretation. It just means they claimed this particular viewpoint first.

pascalahad said...

That reminded me of a French afterword for Warlord of Mars where the author stated that the Barsoom novels, and especially A Princess of Mars was 100% full of freemasonic themes.

From the gold-plated lock of Carter's tomb to the antichamber where the future intiated awaits illumination (the cave), he also cited the many occurrences of the "3" number (John Carter loses Dejah 3 times, Woola comes and goes 3 times also, the air plant code has nine components (3*3)). In masonic temples there seems to be two pillars, one red and one white (this one may vary in color according to different traditions), and the author linked it to the towers of Greater and Lesser Helium, one red and one yellow... Apparently the fact that there are 31 members in the Jeddak assembly in Warlord can also be a masonic reference. And if the author doesn't state that ERB was a freemason himself, his father was seemingly one since 1867 (it's apparently from the Porges biography). I don't know, i'm no specialist on the question!

As for the symbols highlighted in the video, I guess there are plenty of religious symbols of all different shapes in the world!